Visit from CHSC

Gastric Cancer, Gastritis, Parasites, Asthma, Hernia, Polycythemia Vera, Hypothyroidism, Motorcycle Wreck, Arthritis, Depression, Heart Failure, Hyperlipidemia, Bursitis, Concussion, Phimosis, Chronic Bronchitis among a few others.

Just another day in the rural mountains of Peru.

The lists are more impressive in other places.  I am very sure of this because there are parts of the world where there are fewer medical resources.  And there are good Christian doctors working in those areas.  Thank God for them.  And I want to thank God for our mission agency, the Christian Health Service Corps, that is working so hard to send doctors wherever God leads them in the world, from China, India and the east, south to Africa, and west to South America.  It is such an efficient use of resources, as they/we send doctors to already established organizations.  The money is well received, and direct patient care, community health and gospel evangelism is taking place with every dollar raised and spent.  This past weekend Greg Seager, the director of the mission agency came to Curahausi to assess our situation, to lend moral support, and to meet two of our newest CHSC missionary families who also happen to be our good friends the Nolan and Konika Wrights and the Stephen and Finley Wrights.  We showed Greg and his daughter Corinne around Curahuasi, Greg had a chance to meet with Dr. Klaus John, and we had a short orientation meeting with the Wright families at our house.  David began referring to Greg as the “king” of our organization, and would address him as “Our Majesty” which Greg seemed to take to quite naturally. 😉  It was nice to have them and to share with them what the work and life is like in Curahuasi.  If you want to come to see us, let us know.  We will keep you warm and well fed in our lovely home.

Greg sharing about CHSC

Greg sharing about CHSC

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