For Our Kids Some Sad News

One of the quirky parts of our hospital grounds are the llamas we use as lawn mowers.  This little herd has grown, and our kids have learned a lot watching how the herd grows.  Several discussions have ensued.  It looks like their promiscuity is coming back to them, and we may have to say goodbye to some.  From the Hospital Diospi Suyana website read how the llamas will be sorted.  Our kids really enjoy these llamas and will be sad to see some go.

Too Many or Too Few Alpacas on the Hospital Grounds?


A sad decision to take

On January 26, 2011 Michael Mörl left for Cusco with an empty Unimog (big truck).  Late that night he came back with four alpacas.  It was the last task of the intensive care nurse before returning to Germany.  Since then, the four friendly animals have behaved exemplary. They have helped our gardeners mow the grounds and never grumbled about their hard work.  As is usual with Diospi Suyana, they carried out their duties on a voluntary basis.

Recently however, some people with an expert eye for herd animals, raised the alarm. Our herd has increased to nine, proof enough that our alpacas are not only interested in the grass.  To prevent possible inbreeding, we will unfortunately have to part with some of our animals. This is hard for us as  the alpacas have fully integrated within the Diospi Suyana team of employees.

If we had more than 100 animals in the herd, inbreeding would not be a problem, however, as things stand at the moment, we will have to make some tough decisions.  The question now is what animals will have to leave, and which will be allowed to stay?




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