Bienvenidos a Curahuasi!

They got out of school, packed their bags, packed another four bags full of stuff for us, and traveled for many hours all the way to Curahuasi.  We love the Reid family!  The Reids are nearly always our gracious hosts when we go visiting in Oklahoma and our kids know them as “the ones with the cool pool,” “the place where we always have a great breakfast,” and “the people who have Rocket (their water-loving dog).”  Will has known Robert since their show choir days in high school and loves to claim that he introduced Robert to Amy, his lovely wife, who went to church with Will during med school.  They are faithful and generous supporters of our life here in Curahuasi and what an honor it was to share life with them for a few short days.

Benjamin, 13, and Chloe, 10, enjoyed Peruvian pan común, sort of a puffy pita, and our kids’ bunny rabbits probably best of all.  Amy took in all the views, Robert enjoyed the stars with Will, and everyone seemed to enjoy a little down time away from the pressures of running a business in Oklahoma, being a mom and PT, and going to school.  They got to do a million dishes after supper, hang and take down laundry on the lines, fill the water filter, eat what we eat, meet our friends, tour the hospital and school, and go to women’s prayer group.  I want to congratulate Robert, who had the most authentic experience by getting a stomach bug/ travelers’ sickness/ parasite/ something.

We got to do some traveling with the Reids after their Curahuasi experience.  We did the Sacred Valley ruins tour that we recently accomplished with my dad– Moray, Maras, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and we added Machu Picchu.  Wow!  It was incredible.  We had gorgeous weather for traveling and we had much-appreciated good restaurant food and lovely lodging.  Machu Picchu and its surrounding mountains were surprising for the jungle growth and the development of the Peruvian tourism.  I was impressed by how well it seemed to be maintained.  It was a great first trip to the famous site with wonderful people.  Our kids really got along well and it was so fun to spend relaxed time together.

I have seen how meaningful it is to just go and be with someone in their daily lives.  It can be an enormous encouragement, whether around the corner or to a far corner of the world.  Thank you, thank you, Reids, for spending the time, money, energy, and sacrifice of comfort to come be with us.  We pray that God will bless you through it and for it in new ways over the next few months.

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