Colegio Diospi Suyana – A Video

This video is in German, but the images at the beginning give a nice representation of the school.  If you watch closely you will see Sarah, Annie and David.  This video was put together by our friend Ryan Morigeau who is an American missionary serving with us in Curahuasi.

This is Peru – Chapter 3 – “Poor Bunnies”

The Reids came and gave us “a lot of candy!”. Those candies were so good and special because it was candy from the U.S.A. Then we left for five days to see Incan ruins. We fed the bunnies. Then we called someone to feed Inka. We “forgot about the bunnies!!” Then we left. The incan ruins were awesome. I had never seen something cooler except for that one time when me and Elsa were praying and one minute later our prayer came true or that one time . . . well many that was the coolest thing that happened. Anyway, Chloe and Benjamin were so fun to play with and I thought we were going to have the funnest month of my life until I got home. My Mom said in Spanish “un conejo está muerto!” Dad said “No!” I said “Mom, you know I know Spanish. You said a bunny is dead!” When I went past the house I said “A bunny is dead!” Once me, Sarah, and David got to the cage, David went in then came out and said “Oh, That’s dead alright!” But I wanted to know how it was, and I could not believe my eyes . . . (stay tuned for Chapter 4 – “A Sad Afternoon”)

What is going on here?

Last sunday, as we were going to church, we arrived at the Plaza de Armas where we usually park our car. On arrival we noticed lots of decorations, pictures in dyed wood shavings on the ground surrounding the entire square. As we looked around we saw that many institutions, especially the schools, were represented in the pictures. Of course we had no idea what was going on or what was planned (there seems to be something going on all the time, and we are often surprised by unexpected explosions or fireworks or are sprayed with water guns when not expecting anything). The Plaza de Armas hosts celebrations throughout the year, and especially during the school year when there is a parade every Sunday. As we walked around admiring the pictures, I ran into one of the nurses from the hospital and she told me it was to celebrate El día de Corpus Christi; that is a celebration that the Catholics have in which they recognize that the actual body of Christ is miraculously in the Eucharist. In the past these pictures were done in fruit, but as the crops are not as big anymore, and they have to sell more of their produce to make money, they have switched to dyed wood chips. I think seeing it in fruit would be very interesting, but it was quite impressive in wood chips as well.

This is Peru by Annie Caire – Chapter 2 – “Bunnies”

We went to the river and came back with bunnies and ate pizza for dinner.  Before dinner we played with our bunnies.  At the river we caught tadpoles.  We are going to watch them turn into frogs and at the river I was in the water and I slipped and fell.  I got soaked and also my shoe fell off.  I said “Mom! My shoe! My shoe!”  My shoe was in the river and I could not run after it because I had one shoe on and one off.  But David ran after it and caught it. I thought I would be going home soaked and without a shoe, but David caught my shoe and I was drying after that.  We went on a long bike ride and got bunnies.  Around the sand box we put boxes and are the sand box a plaza and the boxes the houses.  We we got inside we saw our tadpoles in a little glass tray.  They thought they were still in the river.  During dinner I felt sick so I did not eat or dry dishes or have game night.  I felt better after.  That was the best day of the month.

Disease Burden

Both alcohol abuse and hepatitis are a big problem in the Apurimac.  When you have both, you can end up like this unfortunate young man.

This is Peru by Annie Caire – Chapter 1

This is the beginning of a book that Annie is writing about life in Peru.

This is Peru

This is a story for my friends Madeline, Katie, and cousins Olivia, Augustus, Emery, Caden, Adie, Isaac, and Eden.  My new favorite sport is surfing.  Now I can surf, and my brother can too.  But only me and my brother.  But, I think you want to know about Peru.  Well there are pig heads in the market and a carnival in March.  All the Peruvians will shoot water guns at you.  Do you want to hear about our house?  I wrote this book in my fort under the stairs, but there are shelves so I have to climb up to the top of one.  I will do my homework sometimes and write books and do things like that.  I have four books.  Our dog, you have to know about our dog!  Inca is our dog.  He will howl when we leave.  He loves to play in our backyard.  Our backyard is as big as a church in Peru.  Sometimes bigger.  And friends . . . we have more friends than you think.  We have Ari, Luz, Sydney, Benjamin, Noah, Ocean, Celi, Leoni, Sharmely, Gudo, Kirsten . . . I cannot name them all.  We are also going to get bunnies today or tomorrow.

(This was written before we had bunnies.)  Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

From Nolan and Konika Wright – “This is Crazy”

We got our new letters up on the hill outside of Curahuasi.  You can see it in the picture. Read how it happened from Nolan Wright.  The following quote gives a glimpse of the work required in the construction.  “Unfortunately (or fortunately), I was unable to make the first workday which consisted of clearing the design and letters, but I did get to participate in hauling the powder (which was cement) up the hill.  When I arrived at the bottom of the hill and saw the truck full of cement bags, I asked how we were going to get them up the hill.  I was quite suprised when he told me we were going to carry them.”

From the blog "Wrights in Peru" the Diospi Suyana School logo on the hill above town.

From the blog “Wrights in Peru” the Diospi Suyana School logo on the hill above town.