Reading and Books

Check out this list.  I have not read enough of these books to consider myself well-read.  I guess that too many years focused on the fantasy and science fiction genres and then medical school, marriage, kids, and work have kept me from the others.  A pretty common story I think in regards to finding time to read.  How many have you read?  Are there any books left off in your opinion?

Allison and I have read a lot since we have moved here.  The life is pretty calm when I am not in the hospital.  There are not a lot of after school or nighttime activities.  It gets dark early, as the sun goes behind the mountains in the 5 o’clock hour, and then it is dark completely by 6:30 to 7.  Then the brilliant stars come out if it is not raining or cloudy.  So when the kids are in bed, the reading can start.  I have introduced myself to Jane Austen and I have enjoyed her books.  David is starting the Lord of the Rings.  Allison has been through a lot of kids books as part of her teaching responsibilities.  I have read quite a few of them myself.  Several biographies have been enjoyed including William Wilberforce, C.S. Lewis, John Newton among others that were not so interesting.  I am trying to work through Malcom Muggeridge’s auto-biography currently.  So we have time to read, and we are open to recommendations if you have some.  I am going to start looking at the Time list from above.  We are thankful for the Kindle that allows us to get books very easily.  It would be so different without electronic books.  It is easier to live in a foreign country now thanks to technology.  God is always giving us what we need, and often what we want.  We are thankful for the gift of literature, reading and technology.

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