Me encantan los libros

IMG_1329Last week I went to the “furniture store” in town and bought the tallest bookshelf they had. When I took it to school and put every book on it (in librarian alphabetical order), the books fit just exactly. It was amazing!

I have been impressed with the Sonlight curriculum we bought for the kids. It is broad in scope and ambitious. It includes poetry, fables, and Mother Goose, I probably would have waded into later without knowing where to start.

The kids go back to the bookshelf every day and pick out something to read or look at. It is a little escape for them. Lots of the books are about kids moving to a new land or doing something challenging. I think these books are helping to encourage our kids as they sort through what it means to live here and adapt to these circumstances. It is also a great connection to American history and to helping them understand what that national identity means.

Thank you, thank you to the people who gave to the purchase of this curriculum. Thank you to my dad, Ari Cale (a doctor here), and Ed and Marilyn Wright, who schlepped it to Curahuasi from the States, heaving bags full of books through customs. Your effort and giving is blessing us daily.


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