We Live on Top of the World

Or at least really up high in elevation.  I drove to Abancay again today in the final step of getting everything legal with the car.  You pay an extra fee for having tinted windows.  As of today, if I get pulled over at one of the numerous police checkpoints, I will have all the paperwork I need.  Of note, I had just left the National Police office in Abancay and got pulled over for having tinted windows.  Really!  I was just around the corner.  I smiled big, and told them that at this very moment I was trying to get everything I needed to get the permission.  I showed them all the paperwork I had collected (at that point I only lacked one paper of around 10 things they require to give this permission), and they let me go on without the several hundred dollar fine.  I was breathing easier at the end of the day today when I finally drove home with the final certificado that I needed to be completely legal.  Check out the photo below from an altimeter watch that my father bought me as a gift (with some help from my brother who works for Garmin).  I went up and down a mile while driving in each direction from Curahuasi to Abancay and back.  The highest elevation reached was 12,873 feet!  The big number in the picture is the elevation in which we live.  I need more hemoglobin!

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