The English Speakers Class at Diospi Suyana School


Gook looking crew have a good time! It is usually only half as crazy as it looks.

Allison teaches a class for the English speakers at the school.  The class is similar to a one room school house with ages ranging from 11 to 6.  All our kids say it is their favorite class. This is both because their mother is the teacher, and because it is entirely in English.  We are fortunate to have some good and challenging curriculum that emphasizes US history and english literature.  The kids are doing readings at school and at home.  I look at all the books they have and I remember how enjoyable school in the primary years was.  It was fun to learn without the preoccupation of grades or performance.  Unfortunately our kids are taking most of their classes in Spanish, so it is a bit more challenging for them.  I think that is why they like this class so much.

In regards to all the kids Spanish; they are doing great and learning rapidly.  Sarah will be naturally bilingual, and Annie might be because they are learning their Spanish at a young age.  David and Peter will have to work a little harder to learn grammar and vocabulary.  David is a gifted learner in regards to Spanish and is progressing well.  He is willing to talk to anyone, and this helps him to learn.  As we have been walking around Cusco this weekend, he has been leading many of the conversations and his verb conjugations and tenses have been spot on.  Peter is more stealthy in his progress, but every time he venture to speak, he impresses me with his knowledge.  Sarah and Annie have very good pronunciation; if only I could sound so good.  They all are much better than me when it comes to understanding spanish when listening casually.  If I am engaged, watching the persons lips, and really listening, I do pretty good, and probably better than they do.  But if it is on TV or just someone talking near me out of my sight, I often cannot understand what is being said.  All the kids understand very well when listening casually to people nearby or when watching a movie in Spanish.  It is really impressive to me, and I enjoy watching them learn.  I am thankful that they are making such good progress.

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