It is great to have Grandparents in Peru

We are enjoying having David Smith, Allison’s father with us here in Peru.  His two weeks with us are nearly over and we will be sad to see him leave.  As we were driving home from dinner tonight the kids started to realize that the time was short.  We are taking a few days to visit the Sacred Valley on our way to Cuzco where we will leave David at the airport.  The kids were processing that he would not be going home with us to Curahuasi.  I think we all want to live in a bit of denial that his visit is coming to an end.  We love having visitors, and we especially love it when our family is here.  All the kids and Allison and I agree that it is great to have to have grandparents in Peru!IMG_3853 IMG_3802

2 thoughts on “It is great to have Grandparents in Peru

  1. Annie’s big hug of Abo in the second photo says it all! We do love our grandparents and I thank God for his goodness to us through them.


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