A Quick Look at the Vision for the School

From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.Schule-übersicht-980x360

The Vision

We aim to establish a Christian school for Curahuasi that will provide an excellent education for students from a rural background. Its goal is to educate its students while being sensitive to their culture, which in the Andes means learning to speak and write Quechua as well as Spanish. Besides gaining academic knowledge, the students will grow in their knowledge of God their Creator and will learn what Jesus Christ did for them. Christian values should contribute to a positive change in their families and their society. Through sponsorships, even children from the most humble and impoverished families will be able to attend Diospi Suyana School and will have new opportunities in their lives. The children of the missionary families will receive a complete education as well. They will attend classes with Peruvian students in the Peruvian curriculum for most of the school day. In addition, a team of German and American teachers and volunteers will supplement their education according to their individual needs.Schule-mit-Leben-900x330


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