I wanted to write for those of you who have been praying for us this week. Will did pass his medical exam, psychological exam, written test, and driving test. Hooray! That means he’ll have to go back to pick up his license next week (they don’t give you a paper proof) and we’ll be ready to take a trip or two with my dad. Will will have spent four weekdays and nearly 16 hours taxi-ing to and from Abancay by the time he has his license in hand.

Now it is my turn to study! We have heard that a couple should not attempt to get their licenses at the same time because the test givers will think, “Only the husband needs the license!” and fail the woman. The failure rate for women is much higher. Yes, you can joke about that, but it is also because they are reluctant to give us a license here. Apparently the process is a lot quicker in Lima and you can get out of the driving test by having your US license. A couple of weeks ago when a friend suggested I go to Lima to get my license, Will and I laughed– what a lot of trouble!– but now it is sounding better and better.

I am so proud of Will for memorizing all those laws and taking all these tests in Spanish. He really hasn’t been speaking the language for long. I am thankful to God for helping us and for answering our prayers for quick positive results so that we could travel with my dad. I am thankful to you, friends, for praying along with us. I wish we could take you with us somewhere to see the unbelievable scenery!

Addendum: Will drove up to our house (well, almost) this morning for the first time. Our driveway/ road still has a huge trench gouged across it, but the rest of the road is more or less filled in. Loading all the groceries in a backpack and carrying it up the hill from the hospital was good exercise, but I’ll be ok with driving up.

7 thoughts on “Driving!

  1. Wonderful news! I’m so thankful you now have transportation. Now we can begin praying for you, Allison…please let us know when you’re ready to take your test.


  2. I’m sure all those years holding on for dear life when you traveled with Aunt Marian and me served you well, Will, and gave you the courage to traverse the roads in Curahuasi!! God is good. Congratulations!!


  3. Allison–has dad left yet? Terri and I would love to send a few things along and/or a few personal items you don’t want him to forget. So happy the testing went well. It as to be wonderful to have “wheels.” God is indeed putting so many pieces together for y’all. The school looks wonderful and just full of the joy of learning. Blessings and hugs to all. Please let me know if you do have any preferences on our donation ratio…in my email last month. Take care, deb

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  4. So thrilled to hear this and know prayers were answered!! Onward you go!!! Enjoy the beautiful creation our Lord has made- can’t wait to hear about it!!


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