Middle of the Night – We are Tired – Musings

I am sitting here at the computer at 3:30 AM after being at the hospital for the delivery of a new baby, and I am wondering if it worth it to go back to bed when the alarm is set to go off at 5AM.  This has been a tiring week.  I was on call two nights, one for general call, the other for obstetrics.  Both nights I was up for a big portion of the night.  We started school this week, which means I got up at 5 AM instead of 6 AM.  I like a little time to read my Bible in the morning, and I cannot do it if I get up any later.  We have to have the kids up by 6 AM to get them to school on time.  Allison started teaching, and instead of having only 6 hours a week, she had 18 hours of class time.  We were not emotionally prepared as a family for her to work that much.  She is the happy, joyful presence that keeps our family functioning.  We need her at home, although we are glad to share her some.  Thankfully we think we have a solution for this unexpected change of schedule, and she will likely be down to 8 hours next week.  I am still learning how to do well in Spanish.  I understand a lot, but never like I understand English.  I am not sure if that will change.  I think it is difficult in your 40’s to start trying to live your life in a second language.  Yet it is remarkable how well I can actually get by, even if instead of it flowing naturally I am always thinking in the back of my mind “Wow!  I am speaking in Spanish!” and “Am I making any sense?”  I have had some sick patients in the hospital, but nothing too bad.  No one has died.  We are looking forward to having a small group with us tomorrow night at our house to share a meal, and hopefully, depending on the chaos of all the little ones running around, a time of studying the Bible.  Our Friday nights are a sweet time, crazy, but sweet.  The Wright family has been a blessing, as they have a family full of music and fun, and Stephen and Nolan will bring their little instruments and we will sing songs of praise to God who has motivated us by his love to be here.  We are continuing through Philippians.  I am continually impressed by the thoughtfulness of Paul as he describes his co-workers and refers in love to the church he planted to whom the letter is written.  In the last month I have read four biographies on the lives of C.S. Lewis, John Newton, Martin Smith (auto-biography-not very good-free on Kindle-but I like his music), and William Wilberforce.  I am impressed with Lewis, Newton, and Wilberforce (especially Newton and Wilberforce).  Lewis, Newton, and Wilberforce were on an entirely different level in regards to intelligence.  The way they thought and wrote reminds me of Paul.  Their minds were in heaven, their thoughts were filled continually with thankfulness for the grace of God, and their brilliance was directed toward the work of the kingdom.  Reflecting on how they lived and thought and how I live and think in comparison is time well spent.  God has been good to us, and we are continually glad to be here, despite the struggles.  Now for a nap before the alarm goes off in an hour.  Thanks for remembering us, and thank you for your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Middle of the Night – We are Tired – Musings

  1. Good Morning Will,
    I appreciate hearing of your daily challenges and “adventures”…but wow, 3:30am? Your post helps me put the eternal into full view. I too was up until that crazy hour but not for anything as miraculous as bringing a sweet child. By contrast, my crazy hour was to compile docs to “…give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, and your post so beautifully reminding me of your gift “to God what is God’s” Mat 22:21.

    Give all our love and hugs! Liz


  2. Yall are having Friday Night Community night in Peru too. We want to come. So many times we have talked about missing yall on Friday Nights.

    The Pflughaupts send you all lots of love.


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