From Our Friends

Our friends Ryan and Kirsten Morigeau have an interesting post about a couple they met in town.  I saw this couple for the first time last week, and they are tiny, even by Quechua standards.  I sort of wondered about them, but was in a hurry so I did not stop and talk.  The great thing about the Morigeau family is that they always stop and talk.  Read a litte bit about their story of meeting this sweet appearing couple on their blog post which includes this somewhat shocking turno of events.  “After we arrived at the plaza and said our goodbyes, a woman approached us and said “don’t help her, because she is a witch!” I didn’t know what to say, smiled and walked away.”  DSC_9892

Our friends the Wrights have a post with lots of great pictures of the scenery.  Here is an example.  img_0521You can link to it here to read what they said and see more great photos.

Some of our newest friends have written a bit about what it is like to be brand new with very young kids.  They have three kids 3 and under.  We know exactly what they are going through in regards to having lots of little kids (of course we were in the US with a minivan, so our life was a little different, but we understand the stress.  David turned 3 the day after our third child, Annie was born, so for one day we had 3 that were 2 and under.  Good times!)  Read this very honest post titled A Few Months in Curahuasi written by Crystal explaining what it is like to be the mother of very young kids in a rural, Quechuan village.  She is also a very good photographer as you can see by the picture below.  You can see more of her pictures on her blog.DSC_0117_zps5f7be679

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