Kids Clubs are Starting Up Again

Kids Clubs are a great part of the work here at Diospi Suyana Hospital.  Our kids enjoyed them when they first arrived, and I bet they will continue to participate in this next year.  Take a look at this article from the hospital website.

The kids clubs are the first work area by Diospi SuyanaEinladen-2-900x330

Many people associate the word “Diospi Suyana” only with a modern hospital in the mountains of Peru. Although the Diospi-Suyana children’s clubs, were the first to be developed in Curahuasi. On November 2005, some 15 children met in the living room of Lyndal Maxwell. What started small eventually became quite large. Today there are 11 children’s clubs with a total of 400 boys and girls. In the last eight years, thousand of children have visited these regular club hours.

In one of the eleven Diospi Suyana Kidsclubs

In one of the eleven Diospi Suyana Kidsclubs

Missionaries and Peruvian colleagues prepare the program voluntarily. The little ones love the mix of songs, games and stories.

Parents also appreciate this support. Many families have a great expectation to the Diospi-Suyana school because they have seen the positive impact by the club hours in the life of their children.

Diospi Suyana stands for hope rather than despair. Change rather than stagnation and love instead of hate. The basis of this message is our belief that God’s love can overcome even the darkest circumstances. This working area is currently coordinated by the radiographer Alexandra Kopp. We wish all the staff a lot of patience and love, and of course a lot of brilliant ideas.

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