Diospi Suyana School Inauguration

We had the Diospi Suyana School inauguration today.  Classes start on Monday.  Please join us in prayer for the following:

  1. God will be glorified and that his love will be demonstrated to the students and families associated with our school.
  2. Allison will be able to balance the responsibilities she has at the school with the work she has at home.
  3. The kids will make friends and will thrive as they are taught in Spanish.
  4. That the school will be a blessing to our kids and to all the people of Curahuasi.
  5. That Will will be a good support to Allison and the kids as they start a new, big, and important part of what we are doing.

Here are some pictures from the inauguration.  Allison and the kids all had parts and they all did a great job.

6 thoughts on “Diospi Suyana School Inauguration

  1. Just thrilled for you all and you will be in my prayers! So excited to see what the Lord will do through this school! hugs to you all!


  2. Loved seeing the pictures — the building looks great, the faculty very professional, and the kids are obviously scholars! The full-length one of the kids standing outside is my favorite — big brother David looks very in charge, Peter is cool, Annie is so interested in everything she doesn’t really notice her socks, and Sarah is all dressed up and ready for this new ‘big girl’ adventure! I’ll be thinking about you and praying on Monday.
    Love you, Lana


  3. Wow…this is so official! I love the uniforms and Alli’s professional look 🙂 I can’t believe so much has happen in these 7 months you have been there, God does more than we can ask or imagine..praying and believing for amazing things! Love and miss you all! Amy


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