New Car!!!

We finally have a car!  After not having a car for 18 months, we are super excited.  Except that, well, we don’t really have it yet.  It is still in Lima, and a friend is going to drive it to Curahuasi for us.  We will have it here on Sunday.  And, well, the other problem is the only road to our house has been torn up, so we cannot actually get it to our house for who knows how long.  And then, we cannot drive it ourselves because we do not have Peruvian licenses.  So while we may use it to go to the market when it is muddy (whenever the road is fixed), we won’t be taking any long trips soon.  I guess it may stay parked in the hospital lot for awhile. But these are all little things!  We are thankful that God and many of you have provided us with the money to buy this car.  We are so glad.  And it is just in time for the school year.  We are thankful to have found what seems to be a well taken care of used Honda.  We hope it serves us well for many years!  The first order of business was new tires!

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Tire change. Got some new wheels, finally!

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2 thoughts on “New Car!!!

    • Thanks Jenna! We are excited. We are especially excited for days like today when we can see the rain out the windows and the muddy trails, and we will not have to walk a long way in the wet. Unfortunately, no car today and we have the school inauguration :(.


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