Men About Town

David and Peter go all over town on their bicycles.  They know a lot more about what is going on, where to find things, who has the best prices, etc. than either Allison or I (especially in regards to things that kids are interested in).  When they can find a little spare change around the house, they will make a detour into town to find cheap candy or ice cream.  Allison’s father bought them good bicycles for Christmas, and these have been gifts well used and appreciated.  With them they have freedom here that they might not have otherwise.  We certainly let them go around more freely here than we did in the US or in Costa Rica, and it is fun to see them learn about life here in Peru.  Their Spanish is improving as they learn to talk to people on the street and bargain for the best deal possible.  I like that they have this freedom and that they are learning independence in a second language.  Sometimes I tag along and it is fun to have them describe to me all that they know.  I snapped the following picture yesterday while were in town.  They each bought a little ice cream cup for 1 sol.  (About 30 cents!)

2 thoughts on “Men About Town

  1. looks like a wonderful life for 2 curious brothers to explore and have fun together! thanks for sharing all these Will. I feel as close to being there as we can…we sure miss you all…but we have David to keep us filled up with good stories from his visits! hug Allison for me!


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