Kids Growing, Classic Photo, Lima

Our kids are growing up.  They each have their unique characteristics, and we are very proud of them.  They are being stretched in their lives, in ways they may not have chosen for themselves.  However, in general, they tell us they enjoy how their lives are going, and they enjoy the things they are experiencing.  I took this picture during our current visa trip / car buying trip / vacation to Lima.  For some reason I keep coming back to it to see how in many ways their unique personalities are captured in this one photo.  Please keep praying for our kids; they need God to carry them through so many things.

We took this photo near the Plaza de Armas of Lima on the morning we picked up their Visas.  They are standing in front of a church, La Iglesia de San Francisco, under which are catacombs containing many bones.  We have read that their may have been 75,000 bodies interred under this church.

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