Lima again

The kids checking out the cockpit

The kids checking out the cockpit

To borrow Spanish phrasing, we find ourselves in Lima again, this time to get the children’s paperwork finished.  Thanks and praise are due to God for the timing of this visit because the kids’ entrance visas would have expired at the beginning of March and we would have had to take them out of the country.  As it is, however, we will be able to officially register everyone with a foreigner’s ID on Monday.

We are going to spend a whole week here in Lima to be able to relax, go see a movie, eat out, go to the beach, see several friends who live here, and hopefully buy a car!  Would you pray God will help us to be an encouragement to those we spend time with and also lead us to a good car?  We almost didn’t get down the muddy slide we live on this morning on the way to the airport, so that helped confirm that we need a 4×4 car.  A four wheel drive that can fit six plus people is a huge car.  We have had several people warn us that there are lots of shady deals among used cars here, so we are prayerful about finding a good fit.

Thanks for caring about what we are up to.  We love you, faithful readers.

6 thoughts on “Lima again

  1. Praying for your time in Lima, Caires! For relaxation, fun with friends, and for God to direct you and give discernment in the car buying process. Love you all!


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