The Dignity of Man

Ryan is the husband of one of our physicians working in the hospital.  Besides being a great guy, he is a very talented photographer.  Both he and Kirsten, his wife, work harder than most of us to understand the Quechua culture and to try and bridge the cultural gap between us and them.  While I see a gap that cannot be crossed, they see opportunities for friendship.  I really respect the work they are putting in to make a difference here in Curahuasi.  Please take a look at the post below from the spanish portion of the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

The dignity of man is inviolable 

Ryan Morigeau shows this photographically.

Week after week Ryan Morigeau saw poor patients in the waiting room of the mission hospital. A look at their shoes, their clothes, and not least, their teeth, indicate to us the sad and heavy circumstances in which they have lived and still live.

Ryan Morigeau had a great goal.  “I wanted to give the Quechua speakers, which are usually treated in Peru as second class citizens, dignity and beauty.”  His portraits show that he succeeded.

6 thoughts on “The Dignity of Man

  1. I love this! What an example of using whatever gifts you have to bless others. I am blessed, and I am challenged. God has sent a truly wonderful variety of gifts to Curahuasi through the Caires and their friends!
    Love, Lana


    • Thanks Lana! I keep coming back to look at these pics. Ryan has certainly given a dignity to the patients that is sometimes hard to see. It has made me reconsider my own attitude toward the work.


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