Tuesday Night Call or La Guardia

A week ago Tuesday I was on call at the hospital.  I had a few interesting patients, but the one that was possibly the hardest was a young girl that came in with a fractured femur.  The deformation of her leg was obvious at a glance, and the x-rays confirmed the fracture.  There was some confusion on the cause of her fracture, because in general a femur fracture is rare without major trauma. The bone is big and strong.  However the story was that she had been walking, fell, and ended up with the fracture.  A lot of things come to mind when you work with kids and hear a story like this, and high on the suspicion list is physical abuse.  There is a lot of abuse of the kids here.  However this child came with a diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfect which is a rare, and terrible bone disease in which the bones are brittle.  One year previously she had suffered a fracture of her other femur.  We are not able to treat her at our hospital, and so we treated her pain overnight, and in the morning I was happy to see Dr. Martina John’s smiling face as she helped me arrange the transfer of this patient to the government health system so she could see an orthopedic surgeon.  We could really use an orthopedic surgeon in our hospital.  We see all kinds of trauma every week.  Below are some pictures our friend Ryan took as he happened to see the Diospi Suyana Hospital ambulance passing by, and chased it with his cameras to see what was going on.  You will notice that I am standing in the background letting Tina do the work.  She is an awesome doctor, and I am learning a lot from her.  God willing, this little girl will get the care she needs, and her fracture will be repaired by a surgeon in Abancay or Cuzco.

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