One of my favorite things about our lives right now is the exposure we have to other ways of thinking.  We have Mennonite friends, friends from the deep South, friends from the Northwest, German friends, Paraguayan friends, Seventh Day Adventist friends, Peruvian friends, and Quechua friends.  Hearing about the values and preferences of these cultures makes me reconsider some of our own, and a few months of life here has brought its own set of revelations.  Please pray for me to have an open-minded respect for the way other people do things instead of automatically assuming my way is best.  Here are some new thoughts:

  • Having a dog is worth scooping its poop, especially when I see how much the kids love Inca.
  • Growing your own vegetables is surprisingly exhilarating.
  • Being a vegetarian quickly makes meat seem gross.
  • I should do more to honor the Lord’s day and make it different from the other days of the week.
  • A kiss on the cheek is a much more friendly feeling greeting than a handshake.
  • Perhaps it would be nice to have our big meal at lunch instead of dinner on the weekends.
  • Making your own bread is not a lost art– it is alive and well.
  • I should be more conscious of the value of a little bit of money.
  • It is kind-of fun to enjoy something you cannot get often instead of always having it available.  There were strawberries in the market today and I felt so luxuriously rich considering the possibilities of the bag of red gems in the fridge.
  • We should wear our clothes more times before washing them.
  • Shoes are for utility rather than beauty and the best shoes have good traction (well, I haven’t completely bought this one yet, but for daily life….).
  • Hot drinks are nice and feel so hospitable and sweets are acceptable any time.
  • Having lots of personal interactions while shopping is pleasant, albeit time-consuming.
  • Eggs definitely don’t belong in the fridge.
  • Butter doesn’t necessarily belong in the fridge either.
  • When in doubt, cook more potatoes.
  • Everyone needs some knitted woolen house shoes.  (I haven’t gotten mine yet, but they look wonderful and they even travel when you go visiting!)
  • Going somewhere?  Carry a colorful woven plastic bag.

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