We Need Help in Curahuasi – Post 1 of 3

I have heard somewhere that there are 1000 christian doctors in the world that have committed themselves to long term medical mission work with the poor.  I think Texas by itself graduates 500 to 1000 medical doctors every year.  That makes me exceptional, but I will tell you I do not feel exceptional.  I feel and am very normal.  We need more normal people in Curahuasi and everywhere in the world serving the poor through medical missions.  And even more interesting is that we are building a school.  And we desperately need teachers.  Come teach in a country where the education based on standardized testing compared to other countries is last place in every category.  You can make a difference no matter how normal you feel you are.  So I would like to challenge my medical friends and my friends in education to do something different, hard, and perhaps even exceptional.  Count the cost and find that God is worth it.  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

Our doctor wish list

The queue at the entrance speaks volumes.

The queue at the entrance speaks volumes.

Pray and seek with us

With our current doctors, between 100 and 150 patients can be treated per day. Many people come from afar, hoping for an examination by a medical specialist. Currently, we have specialists in the field of internal medicine, general medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology & obstetrics, ophthalmology and dentistry. This spectrum is good, but it desperately lacks specialists in the departments of urology, orthopedics and anesthesia. We are looking for committed Christians, who for several years, would be willing to practice their profession at a mission hospital.  In Germany, there are about 500,000 doctors, but only an estimated 500 of them could imagine such work. These volunteers need to be found.

More thoughts tomorrow.

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