New Instruments!


Over the weekend in Cusco, we had worn all the kids out, marching them around town, so I took everyone back to the hotel for a little rest.  Will went to research buying a bike, but he came back with a kid-sized guitar!  I was so pleased because the kids miss their piano lessons and it seems like a couple of them at least have the leanings to enjoy playing an instrument or singing.  All four of them were thrilled and took turns strumming.

On Monday our friend Damaris came over with a trumpet.  I had seen that she was offering a couple of used instruments to any takers and Will had told me that he had responded, but I didn’t realize we were going to be the, uh, beneficiaries.  The same day, Will came home from work with a trombone, also from the Hassfelds.  So now, as the kids have pointed out, “we have a whole band!”  Sometimes Mother asks the band to play an outdoor concert.  Now we just need some music teachers.

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