Good job Kirsten!

We treat lots of things with simple medicines, and we have a lot of success.  Here is a nice story about one of my fellow physicians from the US working here at Diospi Suyana Hospital.

Thanks to God and thanks to Dr. Kirsten Morigeau

A case of diabetes

Dr. Morigeau with her patient

Dr. Morigeau with her patient

After 8 years of feeling weak, losing weight and inability to work on her farm, 3 months ago, our patient was finally diagnosed with advanced diabetes. Dr. Kirsten Morigeau and the nurses worked with her to encourage changes in her diet, more exercise and medications. But we knew that she would likely need to start insulin injections, which are extremely difficult for patients who live without refrigeration and in distant villages. The patient listened intently and then followed all the recommendations to improve her health.  On follow up visit yesterday she feelt better, had gained weight and had started working on her farm again and miraculously, her glucose levels have normalized! Even in developed countries, it is rare to see such a rapid and drastic change without insulin.  Many reasons to give thanks to God for his hand in her restoration.

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