Very Short Kid Interview

What do you enjoy about Curahuasi, Peru?

David:  Pretty much that it is more peaceful, I can ride my bike around more places, and I know pretty much everybody that lives in town.  More or less.

Peter:  That the road is real bumpy, and I can ride my bike and do jumps and it is fun.

Sarah:  I like the flowers and the mountains and the red couches (we bought some new red couches).

Annie:  I like that I have a friend Sydney, and I like that we have a good house.  I like that we have a bike.  I always wanted to be a country girl.  I like that we have a pretty garden.

What have you learned living here?

David:  I have learned that when you live in the country you will see pig heads, people going to the restroom on the side of the road, there are a lot of trails, and a lot of animals, some nice and some mean.  And in Peru they need God.

Peter:  I have learned how to speak spanish.  Costa Rica taught me a lot of words, and now this is a review.

Sarah:  I learned to speak Spanish better.  And that we could do stuff like watch movies.

Annie:  That there are pig heads in the market, and that people call you papa y mama when you are buying things.

3 thoughts on “Very Short Kid Interview

  1. It is so wonderful to hear from the children. Thanks, everyone, for sharing. I miss you but I am glad you are doing and seeing interesting things and are learning more and more Spanish. Good job!


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