ACU students summering in Curahuasi?

Will and I would love to help people in the States learn about Diospi Suyana and think of serving here long-term.  Part of that includes having short-term teams and volunteers.  In addition, we both had really great experiences serving as missionary interns in Bangkok, Thailand many moons ago, in the summers of 1993 and 1995. Therefore, when Will heard about Abilene Christian University’s World Wide Witness Program, he wrote to find out more and eventually submitted our ministry for consideration.  There are two young people, pre-med majors, who are interested in coming to Curahuasi this summer.

Our reaction is “Great!… I think.”  We still have a number of questions.  One of them is, “What exactly will they do every day?” There are a handful of excellent German students here in Curahuasi, serving at the hospital and Kids’ Clubs.  They are mostly students completing their mandatory service year between high school and college. They all seem to keep busy, but I wonder if our ACU students would have enough to do with this other team of volunteers here.

We wonder about our schedule: the kids and I will start Diospi Suyana Academy in March, so when the interns would come in June we would all be fairly new at going to school in Spanish and teaching classes.  We will have several visitors this summer, so we might need to arrange for another place for the students to stay during a couple of weeks so that we could host our visitors.

For housing, since these students are a boy and a girl, that means converting the playroom into a bedroom and doing a bit of re-arranging to free up two extra rooms in the house.  Hopefully the kids would gain a new twenty-something friend by giving up their playroom.  It should be a real blessing to get to know these students and to be of mutual encouragement to one another. When I think about what God might want them to do in the future that this opportunity could influence, it makes me want to have them.  Mostly, though, we want what God wants for these young people and another time or place might serve His purposes better, who knows?   Would you pray with us as we consider this possibility– whether to accept one or both or neither? What are God’s plans for these students this summer?

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