Working on Some Thoughts from Philippians

APOSTLE PAUL-IN PRISON*A group of us have been having an English speakers bible study while we have been here in Curahuasi.  It has been a little bit of a hit and miss affair.  We have been trying to do it on Wednesday evening, but I think because we are all new here, with kids who are young and need to get some sleep, and because we have all been working through the cultural adjustment, we have all had trouble being regular in attendance.  Hopefully we will have a little more success in this new year as we change the day to Friday evening, share a meal, and study God’s word together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Hopefully not having school the next day for the kids or work for the parents will allow us all to relax and enjoy each others company as well as not fear a late night.  I have offered to lead the study (so far no one has opposed this idea), and I am thinking of going through Philippians.  Despite the fact that Paul wrote Philippians while in prison, it is a great book of encouragement, as the love Paul has for his first European church shines through all the pages of the letter.  I think we can all use some encouragement in our lives, and I think a study of Philippians might just be something we can all stand to read.  Please pray for our little group of native English speakers here in Curahuasi as we try to serve God and each other and the Quechua people of the Apurimac.  Pray for us as we study the word of God together for our mutual encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Working on Some Thoughts from Philippians

  1. You’ve chosen my favorite NT book. I often pray the opening paragraphs for our adult children, including John and Crystal Washburn who will be joining you in a couple of weeks. Blessings to you all as we meditate on Philippians across the miles. And thanks for your frequent posts–much enjoyed and appreciated.


  2. Well of course you are moving it to Friday and having a meal. That is what you guys do! Serve, serve, serve! Praying for guidance and wisdom as you lead this Bible Study. You all never cease to amaze me…you just keep letting God work through you! Love you all!


  3. I can’t imagine a better book for you all to be studying! I’m just beginning a study of Philippians myself, and as I do my work each week, I will be thinking of you; I will be praying for God to accomplish in you the same powerful work that He did for Paul. How exciting to know that the very same Holy Spirit will be pouring His grace, strength, joy, and contentment into you!
    Love and blessing,


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