Christmas Eve from Diospi Suyana Hospital

I am just getting caught up on some Christmas posts.  We have learned that in Germany the 24th in many ways is a bigger day during Christmas than the 25th.  It was great for us because then we were able to have two important Christmas days as we celebrated with the Germans and then on our traditional day of the 25th.  On the 24th we had a special Christmas Eve service for the missionaries at the hospital.  Allison was the master of ceremonies, and there is a great picture of her and her new haircut for those who are interested.  Annie was an angel in the nativity scene, and David was a shepherd.  It was an afternoon of great encouragement as we remembered the birth of Jesus Christ.  Here is the article from the spanish Diospi Suyana website on the December 25th post.  I have taken the liberty of translating the post to English, but you can see the original at the link.

Either or?

thoughts of christmas between “oh happy day” and “Silent Night””


A living nativity scene, a short sermon and music. About 70 adults and children celebrated yesterday afternoon a contemplative worship. Two songs accented the program. It began with a gospel song “Oh Happy Day”. Dentist Dr. Steven Wright of Tennessee sang with much feeling why Christmas is such a “happy day”. And the missionaries sang the classic “Silent Night , Holy Night” in six different languages.  The message of Christmas is universal. It is the foundation of faith for all Christian denominations in all continents and in all times.  In it is the story of the most unique rescue operation in the history of the world. For some, it is the best news there is. For others, the greatest absurdity imaginable . What is it to you? The different statements are so different that there can only be “either or”.

“Too many people want to be gods, but only one God came to be a man.”


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