The Encouragement of New Years Eve

On New Years Eve we were invited to the Hassfeld family house in the middle of Curahuasi to welcome in the New Year.  They have a great home.  It is large with lots of fun things for the kids to do, a trampoline being number one on their list of favorites.  Also, the Hassfelds are German in all the best ways, so when they have a party we can expect grilled meats, which for us (our family) in Curahuasi is a rarity.  I still have not had the courage to buy the fly covered raw meats from the local market.  If someone else buys it and cooks it, I don’t have to know where it came from.  It was a blessing to be with the many missionaries from all over the world who have chosen to serve in Curahuasi.  As the night progressed we had a time to share a verse that was meaningful to us, sing some songs of praise to our God, and then spend a bit of time in prayer.  The verses were an encouragement as we were able to witness the humble spirits of each of the missionaries as they acknowledged their dependence on God for strength and purpose.  I was challenged and motivated!  I was also proud of David, who participated with all the adults (he was the only kid to do so).  He shared how he hopes to hear more from God this year, and how he hopes to read more of the Bible as a way to hear from God.  That boy really challenges me!  I am glad to be here with these people, serving the Quechua as we serve our great God.

1 thought on “The Encouragement of New Years Eve

  1. What a precious entry to 2014! And so proud of David. Love this post. Love all of them (and excited about your veggies and other plants), but am particularly encouraged by the hearts of your family and your friends. God is faithful to provide in the sweetest of ways. Praising Him with you!


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