Will is sick

Since we have the luxury of people praying for us and since these blog posts go out to some of your emails whenever we post a new one, I’m going to ask for prayer today.  Will has a bad stomach flu.  Please pray that he will get well soon and that the rest of us will stay well.  All the kids are busy making “get well soon” crafts.  Thanks for your prayers and love.

15 thoughts on “Will is sick

    • Thanks Paul. Feeling a bit better this afternoon. I may be the only doc in the hospital tomorrow (generalist), so I am hoping a good night sleep does the trick. I like seeing yours and Veronica’s Facebook posts. I think you are the perfect small town doctor.


  1. Yuck, nothing like a bad stomach flu…will pray for Will and that he doesn’t share the germs. We love you all and thank you for the privilege to pray for you all.


    • Thanks Mom! I have been trying to call you from one of the hospital phone lines on my call nights. If you ever see a weird number on your cell phone pick it up, it might be me. Looking forward to having you come sometime soon! You are going to find it very interesting.


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