Happy New Year!

L to R: Sarah, Allison, Annie, Peter, Will, David

L to R: Sarah, Allison, Annie, Peter, Will, David

It has been a full year for our family, and I am thankful to God for his continual provision.  As I sit here at the computer, listening to the thunder, wondering if it is going to rain on us during our walk to the Hassfeld house to celebrate the New Year, I thought I would recount for myself and for the blog a brief list of the last year’s happenings:

  • Finishing Spanish Language School
  • Leaving Costa Rica – This was super hard on David who had become a Tico and loved living in San Jose.  It was also hard to say goodbye to so many great teachers and friends.  However the excitement of moving on helped with all the goodbyes.
  • Three weeks in the US – This was a packing and paperwork trip home.  It was not nearly enough time to see family and all of the people who support us, and we sincerely regret any oversights.  The next time we come home will be longer, and we will be trying very hard to see everyone!
  • Move to Peru – We spent the first few days in Lima, and then woke up early to fly in to Cuzco on our way to Curahuasi.  Several hours of travel and after a bit of motion sickness we happily arrived in the new house we rent from the Brady family.  (Thank you Bradys – we are so glad to be here!)
  • Will started working in Diospi Suyana Hospital
  • The kids start their first school
  • The kids leave that school and start their second school
  • The kids leave that school and begin homeschooling (needless to say we are very hopeful that the Diospi Suyana school will be great)
  • David (Allison’s father) came for a visit.  One of the highlights of our year
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with other American missionaries.  We had a Turkey that had been in our neighbors yard the day before.  I think I like the taste of our prepackaged, steroid enhanced Turkeys in the US more.
  • Will and Allison received their religious visas from the Peruvian government after two more trips to Lima.
  • We travelled with the Hassfeld family both times to Lima, and we are thankful for their friendship!
  • Christmas season in Curahuasi.  It is exactly like every other season.  There is little to no evidence of it anywhere.
  • Our second Christmas in a foreign country.  We spent this one with friends from Holland and Germany.  The next door couple, John and Viola Lentink, had us over for Lasagna, then in the evening they brought over their projector and we watched The Sound of Music on the living room wall.  A great Christmas Day!
  • Learned lots of patience, recognized the incredible qualities of everyone in our family, and thanked God that he had given us this life.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Geoff! Think of you guys often, especially when reading your blog or Avery’s blog. Also when I think about how badly we need good teachers here in Curahuasi. We desperately need a culture shift in regards to education. Plus you inspired an idea for a blog today.


      • Thank you. I’m in the midst of starting an engineering degree. So I can’t go anywhere for about two years. I failed to get into doctoral programs so I have to find more money. If we have a kid we’ll end up living in the projects or with my parents
        with my current income.


  1. Wishing you a blessed New Year! God has brought you so far…and has amazing things in store! We love traveling this journey with you in prayer!


    • Sasha, thanks so much for reading and being with us through all of this. My kids love seeing your name. All of them have created fake planets with names that they use in imagination games with each other. My daughter Annie named her planet Sasha, not knowing it as a name for a person, but just a cool sounding word for her planet. The first time they saw your name on Facebook or on the blog in comments they were all fascinated and excited. Even today when they see your comment they will be pumped to have someone named Sasha paying attention! They think it is hilarious and fun.


  2. We love your blog! It is a blessing to hear from you and inspires us to pray for you. Plus, it is interesting! 🙂 You guys have had a full year in 2013. Lots of change, but a faithful God who continually makes provision. It is a grace to watch that in your journey….God bless you with grace in the daily doings, joy in the moment by moment and great wonder at his ways in your lives in the year ahead. We send our love and hugs all around. We are encouraged in our own lives by your courage and faithfulness. xoxo


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