Homeschool Christmas Party

This post is a bit dated now, but the kids really wanted a Christmas party over the holidays.  They felt like they had been missing the Christmas holiday festivities.  Of course what they actually are referring to is the commercialization of Christmas.  They missed all the decorations, commercials, stores full of goodies, and Christmas lights.  Hey, I missed them too.  We all love the Christmas season and everything that comes with it.  There are no decorations and hardly any acknowledgement of Christmas at all here in our little Andean village.  Life goes on like normal.  So Allison decided to throw a homeschool Christmas party for our kids and some other American missionary kids who are here in Curahuasi!  They decorated cookies, had a backyard scavenger hunt, and generally had a good time.  It was a huge success and Allison and the kids all had a good time.

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