Texas Invasion in Curahuasi

Terri (left) and Deb with some of the goodies they brought from the States.  ¡Qué bueno!

Terri (left) and Deb with some of the goodies they brought from the States. ¡Qué bueno!

Will with his new favorite sponge.  Also note his Rainbow Loom bracelets!

Will with his new favorite sponge. Also note his Rainbow Loom bracelets!

We were so blessed to have two wonderful visitors from Texas one week ago.  Deb Pullen is a super fun children’s leader from my Richardson ladies’ BSF class.  (If you aren’t a part of a BSF class, go to bsfinternational.org, find a class, and try it out.  You won’t be disappointed!)  Deb’s church was planning a trip to Peru to visit orphanages through Buckner ministries.  She told me when I saw her this summer that she would be in Cusco in December and that she would make the extra trip to come see us here in Curahuasi.  I thought that was very nice, but would she really have time?  Then I realized that she is a regular blog reader and supporter, someone who truly prays for us, and she is a real go-getter.  Yes, she probably would actually make the drive.  She would be our first non-family visitor here in Peru, how exciting!

Spurred on by the lovely Katherine Holmes, another BSF children’s leader (now STL) and one of my best friends, Deb collected up one huge suitcase and two small suitcases full of USofA goodies.  They brought us one million rubberbands for the Rainbow Loom and a book of “advanced” bracelet patterns that has been entertaining all four children every single day.  They brought us Christmas presents, they brought my Zumba DVDs I had left in Dallas, they brought goofy things I had requested like arch supports, and they brought food– Velveeta, Rotel, chocolate chips, cornbread mix, peanut butter, and homemade goodies from Will’s mom.  Soap, candles, many muffin/ cupcake liners, Christmas cards, books, notebooks, clothespins, and Will’s very favorite, a scrubby sponge with a face (I love that dish washing man).  What is it’s name again, Deb?  Scrub Buddy?

We had a great visit with Deb and her friend Terri.  They were real troopers, slipping down the newly-bulldozed hill to the hospital to attend a birthday party with the kids, washing dishes, entertaining the kids, coaching us on dog training, and listening to lots of stories.  It was a serious blessing that both ladies were such kid people.  It is also lovely to have such a nice house to host people in.  We have plenty of beds and an amazing view for anyone who wishes to visit!

As their car headed back to Cusco, I felt a wave of sadness and homesickness, especially missing the friends and fellowship I had at BSF.  I went inside and opened up a beautiful bag they had left under our Christmas tree.  Inside was a book signed by most of the leaders of my BSF class and several cards from them.  The messages touched a tender place in my heart.  One woman had written, “Great is your reward.”  Is it ever!  Would I ever have had such a visit if I weren’t here?  Thank you, God, for the variety of rewards you plan for your people.  May I trust in You when they seem far off.

Thank you, Deb, Terri, Katherine, Susan, and all my wonderful BSF friends who continue to spur us on to love and good deeds.  I love you.

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