What is actually going on in Peru? Replay of an old post.

Diospi Suyana’s website goes to great effort to describe the work they are doing in Peru.  The following is a short description of the work.

What is the focus of Diospi Suyana Hospital? Diospi Suyana exists to serve the mission of Christ to the Quechua people of Peru and to accomplish the following objectives:

Improvement of medical care for the Indians and the impoverished rural population through outpatient and inpatient treatment, training of native Indian nurses and “Promotores de Salud” (community nurses), cooperation with existing government medical facilities, patient education about prevention of communicable diseases, and affordable medical care for the poor sponsored by charitable donations

The spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in cooperation with native churches through hospital chaplains, mass media, the testimony of missionaries, and services and Christian events at our amphitheater with 4,000 seats

Enhancement of the social status of the Quechua culture through the choice of an Quechua name for the hospital, the treatment of patients with the utmost respect, the use of the Quechua language as a means of communication (at least at a basic level), and the training of indigenous co-workers


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