Life in the Blood

First order of business today when I arrived at the hospital was to give blood so that a patient who needed to have a leg amputated would have blood ready for him during surgery.  They took it out of me fast, I could feel the lightheadedness hit me.  The rest of the afternoon while I worked in the hospital I kept forgetting that I had had blood taken from me, and I kept marveling at symptoms I was having until I would remember “Oh, yeah!  I gave blood today.”  I checked my blood oxygen level to be sure the pulse oximeter was working well before checking the oxygen level on a newborn that had a fast respiratory rate.  My pulse was 110.  I thought to myself, I must be stressed, then remembered the blood donation.  As I climbed the hill to my house, which is always hard, I had to catch my breath 3 or 4 times.  Normally I do it without a break.  I thought to myself, what is going on, then remembered “Oh yeah!  The blood.”  We need blood, and fortunately or unfortunately I have a blood type that is easily used, and I am glad it can be of service in some way.  I am glad the patient today was able to receive some as we tried to treat him to the best of our ability.  Blood is used often as a symbol in the Bible, always associated with life and death.  And it is the truth, we need it.  With it we have life, and without it we die.  Jesus held the cup during the last supper he shared with his disciples, and he said that we should drink of his blood. I think of how I felt today with less blood, and I recognize that the life I have comes through the blood of Christ.

2 thoughts on “Life in the Blood

  1. Hi Caires, Just wanted you to know I pray for your family everyday. I am still chuckling about the Kleenex issue at school and have Shared some of your posts with fellow educators and my principal. Please know you are a blessing to more than the Peruvian people. Thankyou, Joya Walters ( Jenna’s sister)

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  2. Merry Christmas Caires,
    We just sent our Christmas donation. We hope you have a blessed holiday season. We know that your are doing great things. We will keep you in our prayers. The Westmoreland’s


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