An Update on the School

Please pray for the construction of the Diospi Suyana Hospital school.  Educating our kids here is a challenge, and we have high hopes that this school will be a blessing for the community as well as an answer to the educational needs of our kids.  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

The construction of the sports hall is keeping us preoccupied

There is urgency because the inauguration will be celebrated in the sports hall

Hello friends, this week we have been largely spared from the rain and that has had a positive impact on our achievement. In the administration building, the ceiling is being filled and the remaining tiles are available on site.  Next we will wait until the a large donation of tiles arrives from company CELIMA, who has committed to this. For various reasons this will not happen before early December.  Last weekend we were finally able to excavate the site boundary for half a day. For the kindergarten building, the bottom plate is concreted. Once the  masons are free at the gym, we start here with the brickwork in the basement.  The focus of our work is on the sports hall. The masonry work on the  first floor of the grandstand area will be completed shortly. We started forming the flat roof floor in this area. Because of the height of the ceiling, a temporary intermediate landing is required, we are working on this now. On the other side of the hall all coatings are concreted on the ceiling and the first columns are completed.  We continue to hope and pray for favorable weather during working hours. Much love and God bless you, the construction team! Johannes and Udo

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