One of My Favorite Christmas Things

We bought an artificial Christmas tree when we were in Lima for Visa work and had it shipped to Curahuasi.  It us up today!  It has me thinking of the things I like about Christmas.  One of them is cards!  I love seeing everyones pictures and reading their news.

We can get cards her in Peru, and we would love to get yours if you feel like sending it here.  If not you can send it to my mom.  Here are the addresses.  For the mail that is sent to Abancay, a city about 1 1/2 hours away that has the closest post office, please write only Will or Allison’s name.  Do not write the Caire family, or the Caire kids.  If so it is much harder for us to obtain the mail.

Will Caire / Allison Caire
Diospi Suyana
Apartado 210
Abancay, Apurimac

You can also send letters to my Mom, and she will get them to us . . . right Mom!

Ruth Caire, 1224 Cloverdale Drive, Dallas, TX 75080.

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