Vision Restored

I steal posts from Diospi Suyana Hospital all the time!  Dr. John said it was OK!  There is so much going on.  I often hear the stories, but I don’t have pictures or often details and the hospital website can give a short description with pictures and more honesty than I can.  I would surely miss a detail.  The following is one of the great success stories . . . there are many.  In the following story, the girl was almost past the age when she could have this problem corrected.  She actually had no idea her vision was bad, because she was born with congenital cataracts.  Her vision had never been better; she just thought that is how everyone saw.  When she was asked how her vision was, she thought it was fine.  I am also impressed how Dr. Martina John was able to recognize something was wrong by just how the child was acting and blinking. She was at the hospital for a completely different reason.  Way to go Dr. John!  Here is the story from the Hospital Diospi Suyana website.

Surgery Before It Was Too Late

Able to view the beauty of the world.

Able to view the beauty of the world.

Dr. Ursula Buck, the young patient and her mother

Dr. Ursula Buck, the young patient and her mother

We are happy for Jenny

During an examination, pediatrician Dr. Martina John notices that the girl in front her keeps blinking. Something seems to be wrong with her eyes, and so the doctor sends the twelve-year-old girl over to the eye clinic. The findings are alarming: The vision of the right eye is at 10%, the vision of her left eye at 30%. The diagnosis: Congenital cataracts, present for many years. Our eye doctors know there is no time to lose. During the three-hour surgery with general anesthesia, Dr. Buck removes the two defective lenses and inserts artificial lenses. Only four days after the surgery, Jenny’s eyesight is at 50% and further recovery seems likely.  We are all extremely happy about these positive results, especially since congenital cataracts are normally only operable until 12 years of age. This time, when Jenny will get on her horse for her two-hour-long ride home, she will be able to properly see the beauty of her surroundings again.

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