Our first day in Peru was yesterday!

How about another post from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.  It was in German, and again with the help of Google Translate I have made an attempt to first read it, then share it with you.  We happened to meet Dr. John at the National Council of Peruvian Evangelical Churches while we were spending our entire day working on paperwork.  You may be wondering how the kids did as they followed us from office to office with hour long commutes between them as we tried to accomplish something.  I will commend them by saying they did great, really great.  Much better than their parents!  Ok actually much better than me (Will), because Allison is always able to see the bright side.  It turns out we will have to make an extra trip to Lima to work on this in the future.  Thats OK, because our family has decided that Lima is great!  And we have many friends here whom we love to see!  Read below and hit the link if you want to read it in German.

Dr. Will and Allison Caire (rear), their children Sarah, David, Peter and Annie

Dr. Will and Allison Caire (rear), their children Sarah, David, Peter and Annie

Grabrielle Wall (left) Sr. David Buendía Council of Churches (center) and Dr. Will Caire and his wife Allison.

Grabrielle Wall (left) Sr. David Buendía Council of Churches (center) and Dr. Will Caire and his wife Allison.

Smiling faces despite an oppressive bureaucracy

Gabriele Wall, Dr. Caire and his family, and Dr. John met at the Natioinal Council of Peruvian Evangelical Churches in Lima.  In front of the desk of David Buendía, one of the  church council staff, was the perfect place to host a small welcoming ceremony. Gabriele Wall from Paraguay brings much experience as a secretary with her. Her resume suggests that her willingness to volunteer in many activities is endless.

The family physician Dr. Will Caire and his wife, Allison, who is an enthusiastic Spanish teacher, graduated with their children after a year at a language school in Costa Rica. In March 2011, the Americans contacted Diospi Suyana for the first time. Now they are here. The Caires plan to stay many years. It almost sounds too good to be true.  We wish for our future employees from North and South America God’s abundant blessings.

However, this reunion was somewhat overshadowed by the meeting in the offices of the Council of Churches because of the fact that, once again, some documents are missing. The following list explains some of the usual bureaucratic pitfalls:

– Wrong salutation in the letter, because a post was filled.
– There is not a notarization.
– A signature should have been legalized.
– This Spanish translation has the wrong format.
– It lacks the punch of an authority.
– Immigration flange is standard on a new letter of the emitting Missionary Society. (I don’t know what this means, and I cannot help Google Translate with this one-wc.)
– The fees were increased drastically and you do not have enough money with you.
– A birth certificate of the child is present with the missionary, but she is a little older than 3 months.
– Interpol desires the light and water bill of the future and often unknown address of the employee.
– The list can be extended from month to month….

12 thoughts on “Our first day in Peru was yesterday!

  1. Ahhhh! Praying for you in stressful foreign bureaucracy. This post brought back anxiety filled days of problems with the courts and government in Ethiopia, and we can empathize. Praying you trust in Jesus’ provisions and His grace.


    • I bet you understand really well. It is really not too bad except for how long it took to do everything, and the fact that our paperwork was not correct so we have to get new paperwork sent from the United States. It means one extra flight which is actually a great opportunity to get things from Lima that we cannot get in other parts of the country. If it just wasn’t so expensive.


  2. Seems like getting a doctor to care (Caire) for their people would be a reason to downsize bureaucracy. But then, what stories would you have? I don’t think you are an official missionary unless you have some kind of bureaucracy trouble :). We love you guys and are excited to see you all sitting on a beautiful Andean mountain with a pet llama!


  3. It’s good to see your smiles, but strange to see you all suddenly with warm clothing on. You surely are in a different place, and they are blessed to have you.


  4. I love to read everyones post…esp Talmadge!! It does seem a right of passage so yea! you are on the right course! Thinking of you guys mucho everyday and starting our days in prayer for you. Love from the Cox’s!


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