The Graduates

The group that made it through all of the year.  Minus a few missing, but still appreciated.

The group that made it through all of the year. Minus a few whom are missing, but still appreciated.

After one year of study, laughter, tears, and sweat we made it through a year of language training.  This group went to eat at Chili’s to celebrate the evening of the day of graduation.  It was also the night before we left to come back to the United States (yes, crazy when you are packing everything you own for an early morning departure the next day).  And yes, it does seem a bit crazy to eat at Chili’s the day before returning to the US, but over half of this group was moving on to their field of mission, and not returning home.  We had a great night, and as I have been too busy back in the States to sit down and think through a graduation post, I thought I could share a picture of a group of people that I will not ever forget.  These people have been with us through a lot of ups and downs, and their friendships anchored in the love of God have carried us a great year of learning Spanish.  They have inspired us.  They are headed all over Latin America, and I cannot wait to see how God uses all of them.

1 thought on “The Graduates

  1. Woohoo! You did it!!! We are so excited for you and inspired by your commitment to do God’s work in Peru and all the hard work you put into learning a new language. Now for some Texas time!!!!


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