Publicity for Diospi Suyana

Some news from Diospi Suyana.

Federico Romero (left) and Karen Espejo (right) eating dinner at the John's house.

Federico Romero (left) and Karen Espejo (right) eating dinner at the John’s house.

Journalists Ask Many Questions

Two reporters visiting from Lima

They arrived yesterday at 11am and will be leaving this morning. This means journalist Karen Espejo and photographer Federico Romero have 23 hours to produce their story about the Diospi Suyana hospital. About what will they talk, what about the missionary hospital do they consider relevant to the readers of their weekly magazine? Maybe their audience would be moved by the stories of our patients, who come to Curahuasi, often times from far away, in the hope to be healed. Or will they talk about the missionaries? Almost all of the hospital volunteers can contribute their very own chapter to the story about Diospi Suyana. Most likely, the journalists will mention the hospitals’ modern equipment – the “high tech hospital for the poor” aspect. We do hope that they will talk about the essential role that God’s will plays in the story of the hospital, especially since the Peruvian mass media called Diospi Suyana, “the hospital of faith”.

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