Continuing School Construction

We are looking forward more and more to what may be to come in Curahuasi.  Some missionaries we met very briefly in Costa Rica arrived at the hospital in late June.  A dentist from the states will be arriving this month.  Another family is arriving to Costa Rica for language school in August.  A young physician and his wife are already in a different city in Peru going to language school.  There are lots of changes coming, and all of us will be new to the work in Curahuasi.  I pray that we can all help each other through the transition of living and working there.

Read below for another update on how the school is progressing from the Diospi Suyana website.

Does our construction engineer deserve a short break?


Answer: Yes!

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, There will be no building report in the forthcoming two weeks as we too need to take a rest occasionally. At the end of July, Peru is going to celebrate the “Fiestas patrias” (on the occasion of the country’s independence gained in 1821) and we would like to use that time for a brief holiday by the sea.  Thus work on the building site is going to stop for a week, followed by a few days in which construction workers will need to make do without their boss. We’ll be picking up again on 5 August, fully refreshed we hope.

We managed to make new progress last week. The ceiling of the administrative building’s attic floor has been set and bar benders laid the reinforcement. This allows us to concrete the ceiling before going on holiday. On 22 July, the subcontractor may then fully on time start building the roof construction.

The screed work of  the walkways in buildings 3 -5  has been completed and preparations for screed work in building 2 are underway. In his workshop, the local window-maker has begun producing windows for house no. 5.

The work needed to establish the sports hall goes on unabated. Meanwhile, 35 individual fundaments have been concreted.  In terms of reinforcement, however, progress is also being achieved with the time-intensive ground beams. New capacity for the sports hall will free up once the roof ceiling of the administrative building has been finished.

The container with roof material for the sports hall arrived on Monday and was quickly unloaded at the hospital’s ramp.

Many of you will also be going on holiday now. May you all enjoy a blessed time and the Lord’s protection. Back again with the latest news for you in early August!

Regards from Curahuasi. Udo

1 thought on “Continuing School Construction

  1. Wow. That is moving along! Do you think the book about the John family will ever be available in English? They sound like a whirlwind!


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