We are rejuvenated!

We did some rejuvenation during our vacation.  It might be a little sad, or speak to my emotions during language school, but I am still living “high” from the vacation, and continually want to post pictures from the things we were able to do a few weeks ago.  IMG_2239

Peter would not do the mud bath.  Sarah seemed to have mixed feelings.  As a favor to Allison and myself, I did not include pictures of us covered with mud.  Costa Rica is a unique place in regards to biodiversity, landscape, and beauty.  It seems whenever I travel with a native of Costa Rica, they will mention that just over some hill or mountain there are hot springs.  This was our second spring to visit, and this one had some mud!  It actually does feel good as the mud dries.  It pulls your skin tight.  Our first mud spa!  Everyone’s skin has never looked better!

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