Diospi Suyana News – God’s guidance – Another nurse joins God’s work in Peru

Once again an encouraging note from the Diospi Suyana website regarding how God is continuing to provide for what is needed for the efficient functioning of the hospital.  I am so glad for how he is motivating so many people and directing their steps toward the hospital in the mountains of Peru.

Is there such thing as God’s guidance?

German Nurse Sarah Nafziger relates her story

Sarah Nafziger is a highly energetic young woman. As a state- examined nurse with five years of practical experience she has experienced many things in her life and seen a great deal of suffering. The report given by Dr John at Calvary Chapel Church in Düsseldorf, Germany, finished only two minutes ago. Now Sarah comes on, microphone in hand, and shares why she will be going to Peru this fall.

1 November 2012: During a confidential telephone chat with her sister Sarah tells her how she senses that God may have something special lined up for her but that she had no idea what that might be.

Two hours later: Sarah receives an exciting email from her friend Pia in which she writes about a newsletter from a hospital in Peru and their desperate need for nurses. “That is something for you to do!”

Sarah calls Pia the same day wanting to know why she had sent her such a bizarre email. Pia says she didn’t really know. She had just been under the impression that the call for nurses had been for Sarah. 12 September 2013: Sarah is going to fly to Peru to start a three-year work period in the intensive care unit at Diospi Suyana Hospital.

N.B. Sarah had never talked to Pia about any interest of hers in going to Peru or working in a foreign country.

Sarah Nafziger with some of her relatives

Sarah Nafziger with some of her relatives

Sarah Nafziger

Sarah Nafziger

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