Allison’s Last Trimester – also a good family picture!

From left to right, Annie, Will, Peter, David, Allison, Sarah

From left to right, Annie, Will, Peter, David, Allison, Sarah

As a continuation of Sunday’s and yesterdays posts. . .  I, Allison, will not take regular classes, much as I loved them, for the next term.  I will continue to work on my Spanish with a tutor on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for an hour each session.  We are going to talk about hispanic culture and literature.  My tutor, Laura, is from Chile, and has a Master’s degree in Latin cultural studies or something like that, and so I am looking forward to her South American perspective.

Please pray for me to have patience and wisdom as I homeschool the kids.  Please pray that God will help me to continue to foster the friendships He has given me here even though I won’t be on campus as much.  Please pray for me to have understanding and unflagging support as Will may need more time for school with his new FARO route.  Please pray for me to embrace my role here at home and to relish the time I will have with the kids.  Please pray for me to learn how to have solitude when the kids are home all day.  Please pray for me to learn how to pray more.  Please pray for me to be humble. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  I don’t know where we would be without them.

9 thoughts on “Allison’s Last Trimester – also a good family picture!

  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful prayer requests. He is acquainted with all the particulars of your heart and season and will meet you in full! You guys have my prayers!


  2. Hi, Allison. I am John Washburn’s mother. I believe you are all headed to the same hospital in Peru. It has been a joy to read your blogs each day. We homeschooled our five sons and I do understand that need for alone time. If you’ll send me a note at, I will send you a free copy of my latest ebook, “Encouragement for Homeschool Moms.” Let me know if there are other resources on my website that you’d like to have; I make them available at no charge for missionaries.


  3. Allison! I love keeping up with your family! Thank you for letting us share in your journey. I pray for you all often. As I read your blog this time and the need for solitude I immediately thought of BSF and the quiet time we have each time with the children. You may have to have a quiet time for all so that you can have some solitude. It will be a great teaching tool for the kids to see you model what quiet time and solitude look like. You may not be able to have much time to start, but as they grow older the time will extend. I will pray specifically for times of solitude for you! Love you guys!


    • Thanks, Karen. We do our BSF lessons first thing in the morning. The actual quiet during the quiet time is not happening yet, but it’s only been two days. Hope is still alive. I really appreciate your prayers. How is your family?


  4. LOL! Well, I had missed the earlier two posts and I just saw this title on fb “Allison’s Last Trimester” and thought… How in the world did I miss that Allison is pregnant???? LOLOLOL… Ok… Third trimester of school! I get it and am praying for you! What curriculum are you using for homeschooling? I think teaching David and Peter would be an incredible challenge that would be the most fun challenge ever! You need to start a blog with just the David/Peter stories while studying. So much fun! In Bible Study Tuesday night we thought of you all and especially David as we read I John 4:7&8. Every time I read it I think of David on the front pew during VBS while you were sharing about feeling called to missions. LOL Love you guys! Praying for you!


    • Jana, I would love it to have Allison pregnant again. We need some more babies in our house, although I am enjoying the lack of diapers. Thanks for praying for us and remembering us. I wish we could transplant the whole Windsor Church down to Curahuasi! The town wouldn’t know what to do with all those crazy gringos.


    • Jana, Here is a little homeschool story for the day. Right now we have two computers and an ipod simultaneously playing the same song and the boys are dancing like crazy. We all cued it up and then Peter made a countdown. It is quite a stereo system. David said, “Mom, I wonder if we could get on the local news or maybe 100 hits on YouTube if we posted a video of this!” Fun to see them dancing since David has been down with an ear infection all week.


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