The final push! Will’s final trimester.

This week begins our final trimester of language school.  Many things in our schedule will be changing during these last four months.  I (Will) have come a great way in my ability to speak and understand Spanish.  However, my fluency is not as good as it needs to be before I start practicing medicine.  By fluency I am meaning to describe the ease by which words get from my brain to my mouth.  I have a sufficient vocabulary (not great at all), but the words get stuck somewhere between my cerebral cortex and my tongue as I develop an expressive aphasia caused by my realizations as I speak of missed conjugations, skipped pronouns, forgotten rules of subjunctive, and all the exceptions revolving around those rules.  My other problem is I cannot understand people very well.  In English we speak in words, but in Spanish they tend to speak in syllables.  However I still think in words, and when a native Spanish speaker combines two words into one I am left puzzled regarding what has just been said.  Often if I can get one word of the sentence, I can figure out the rest, but not always. . .  So I need to get out and practice speaking and listening.

How I look when I start speaking Spanish!

How I look when I start speaking Spanish!

This trimester I will be doing the FARO plan at school which means I have to go into the community and speak to as many people as I can regarding a topic each week.  I will write a script at the beginning of each week regarding a topic, and then go speak to people in the community about the topic, and then at the end of the week I write a report on the weeks discussions.  I am hoping that as I speak to lots of different people, hearing their different pronunciations and accents that my ability to understand will improve so that when I arrive in Peru in September I will be able to successfully practice good medicine.  I am excited regarding this plan, and I am hopeful for even more improvement in my language skills.  I will still be taking grammar at the school and doing tutoring, but it seems that FARO will be the real challenge this trimester.

So please pray that I will increase in my ability to speak and understand Spanish so that I can serve God well by practicing medicine in Peru.  Please pray that the changes that occur in our family schedule because of the new FARO course will be a blessing and that all of us in our family will adjust to the new schedule well.

Tomorrow I will explain more regarding how the schedule is changing for the rest of the family.

11 thoughts on “The final push! Will’s final trimester.

    • Thanks Amy. I need the prayers. Today I helped a Tico find the bus stop. I was able to hold a bit of a conversation, but it is still a struggle. I am looking forward to continuing progress in this area, and I trust God to continue to grow my ability as he increases my faith as well. It is easy to be a fool for Christ when learning another language.


  1. Sounds like the next three months are just what you need to put you over the top. You were none too quick to speak your first language, but you did fine and you will again. Love you!


  2. Praying for you my brother! We serve the God of the Impossibles; he will help with the connection from your brain to your mouth….and out!

    I would encourage you to have Gustavo and Joco, owners of the la soda there at ILE, be on your route! Great folks and very patient!


  3. You got it, Will! Thinking this morning about how grace (one facet being the power of God to do the will of God) greases every wheel. May you experience that in the grind of conjugations and studying. And find the FARO experience to be more enjoyable than expected! People tend to be more interesting than flash cards. 🙂 Praying!


    • Thanks Caitlyn. Learning a new language is a way God makes us over to be more in the image of his son. I like your last note about people being more interesting than flash cards . . . but flash cards are so much easier to understand.


      • Great word about being shaped into His likeness in language study. And YES! Flashcards are definitely easier to understand. 😉 Hope FARO is off to a good start!


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