The Man with the Good News – From Diospi Suyana

Another bit of good news from the Diospi Suyana website.  We are excited about the school that is being built in Curahuasi, Peru.  It hopefully indicates a good education for the young boys and girls growing up there.  It also will likely mean a good education for our children as well.  It will be interesting to send our kids to a school where the teaching is in Spanish, and the education is based on the German educational system.  I am not sure where that will leave our kids, but I hope that leaves them well educated with a mind open to the world.  I am thankful for the Christian education, because as I hope they develop this expanded world view, I hope even more that they will see the glory of God in what they learn, and that they will wish to be a part of the good work that God is doing in this great world that he has created.

The man with good news

Latest update from the Diospi Suyana School building site

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, This week is nearing its end with many positive events and activities. The bottom plate for the connecting wing and administrative building has been concreted and the first concrete pillars are in place. The needed 2000 “bloquetas” (bricks) were delivered early in the week which means that brickwork may be started.  The subcontractor in charge of the roof construction of building 2 managed to get many jobs done and made great progress, as the pictures reveal. I hope his high spirits will last until the roof, together with various smaller jobs, is completely installed and covered. A small team is stripping the building’s roof and takes care of remaining brickwork inside the building.  This time, surprisingly, the municipality kept its promise and provided a bulldozer at the agreed time. After moving the construction site fence, setting out the area and leveling it the site is being prepared for its 4th construction phase.  Yesterday and today I had two technical consultants in from Santiago de Chile or Lima to see the site, both from nora systems GmbH based in Weinheim, Germany.  In a classroom, they assessed the suitability of a top quality floor cover made of natural rubber of which we produced a trial composite screed. The quality of the product was deemed very good. Shortly, nora systems GmbH is going to place 2000 sqm of this high quality floor cover at our disposal – completely free of charge. Their Peruvian sales partner is also going to lay the cover for free.  The final result is to serve as a reference site for the Peruvian market.  Termination of these jobs of construction phase I (buildings 3-5) is scheduled for late July. We are very glad and grateful for this most generous support offered by nora systems GmbH.

Kind regards from Curahuasi, Udo

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