Samaratin’s Purse – Info regarding Diospi Suyana Hospital

For a quick summary regarding Diospi Suyana Hospital read the information below which comes from the Samaratin’s Purse website.DIOSPI_PERU

Profile: Approximately 750,000 people, predominantly indigenous, live within a three hour radius of Curahuasi, Peru. Hospital Diospi Suyana offers comprehensive care to these descendants of the ancient Incas. The facility is equipped with 55 beds, four operating rooms, a five-bed intensive care unit, laboratory and radiology department (X-ray, ultrasound, and CT scan). The hospital is staffed by both Peruvian and expatriate staff.

Travel: You will fly by commercial airline into Lima, the capital city of Peru. Depending on the flight times it might be necessary to overnight in Lima. From Lima you will take a smaller flight to Cuzco. Again, depending on flight times, you might need to overnight in Cuzco. From Cuzco you will travel by ground transportation to Hospital Diospi Suyana. Ground transportation is usually in the form of a hired taxi arranged by the hospital, and normally takes two and one-half hours.

Time Difference: -1 hour Eastern Daylight Savings Time, U.S.A. Same time as Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.

Location: The small town of Curahuasi, Peru is located in the Andes Mountains. Curahuasi is in the region of Apurimac, known as the poorhouse of Peru. Curahuasi is approximately 85 miles from Cusco, Peru.

People: The people in Curahuasi and the surrounding countryside are Quechua, but do not like to be called as such. They prefer the term “Quechua Hablante” (meaning one who speaks Quechua).

Language: Eighty percent of the local people are Quechua Hablante and their language is Quechua. Approximately 70 precent of Quechua can speak and understand Spanish at an adequate level. The hospital has some Peruvian staff who speak fluent Quechua when translation is necessary. FP, DGP, GS, IM, OBG, OPH, ORS, OTO, PD, U, must be fluent in Spanish

Religion: The area is predominantly Catholic with 10 percent being evangelicals. The area also has a lot of superstition and animism carried over from old Incan religious traditions.

Climate: Curahuasi is situated approximately 9,100 feet above sea level. The temperature stays consistent year round, with highs in the mid 70s during the day and lows in the mid 50s during the evenings. Curahuasi has a distinct rainy season which usually begins in November and continues until April. April through November is generally very dry. This time of year can be very dusty and might not be a very enjoyable time for allergy sufferers.

School . . . Just over two months to graduation!


La vista desde mi escritorio durante la clase de gramática.

La vista desde mi escritorio durante la clase de gramática.  I am so glad and thankful to be here, but I am looking forward to being done.  It is a great group of people to be in class with.

Peru Missions

This past Sunday afternoon, all the missionaries who are going to serve in Peru that are attending the Spanish Language Institute were together to share their stories and to share a meal.  It was a fun time of fellowship, and it was a good time to hear about what everyone is doing.  One of the things that is most encouraging about being here at this school is learning all the things that God is doing all over the world.  It is encouraging to see how is is working, and to see how he is leading a bunch of ordinary people to do unordinary things for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am glad to be able to be a part of what God is doing in Peru.  We make such a small difference as individuals, but when you see how God is working through so many people, you come to realize what a big work God is doing in reality.  It reminds me to take my eyes off myself and what I am doing, and instead to fix my eyes upon God and what he is doing.

Biliary Stones at Diospi Suyana Hospital

A successful surgery at Diospi Suyana Hospital.  We are just four months away from moving into our home in Curahuasi.  We are eager to get there.

Thanks To Dr. Kühn She Can Smile Again

Problem solved

Although Maria (the name has been changed) is only 16, she has been through more than most of her peers. First of all she is a mother taking care of a 1-year-old, and secondly, she has already experienced many painful biliary colics.  Recently, her gallstones resulted in a biliary stasis with a bilirubin level of 3.5.

Gallstones in the biliary tree.

Gallstones in the biliary tree.

Our surgeon and his team got ready immediately. Although the medical image converter provided a good view of the gallstone in the choledoch duct, the surgery was not an easy one. But thanks to Dr. Kühn’s patience and expertise the surgery was successful.

The patient with surgeon Dr. Reinhard Kühn.

The patient with surgeon Dr. Reinhard Kühn.

The smile on the young mother’s face after the surgery is over is evidence of the happy end. And, we are happy with her!