Saprissa Fútbol Club

If there is one sport item our family is unified around, it is the Saprissa soccer team.  David became a big fan (this may be an understatement) when we saw Saprissa win a game at the national stadium in the fall.  That game in el Estadio Nacional was fun, but the grandstands were not close to full, and it felt more like an exhibition.  Since that time he has desperately wished to attend another game in the actual Estadio Ricardo Saprissa where we would be surrounded by the most fervent fans of Saprissa.  Yesterday we finally made it happen.  It was a delayed birthday gift for David for which he has anxiously been waiting.  Saprissa won 4 – 0 against Pérez Zeledón who was one spot above them in the standings.  It was a good and important victory for “our” team.

Soccer is a great sport, and Costa Rica makes it very accessible to the public.  Tickets are not expensive by American standards, and there are even lower prices for women and children.  To sit in pretty good seats at the stadium cost us a total of $20 for all six of us.  There is a section of the stadium called Sol Sur where all the rowdy Saprissistas sit.  They jump and sing the entire game without stopping.  Periodically the rest of the stadium will join in song as they cheer on the team with los fanaticos.  With every goal the stadium shakes as the crowd comes to its feet in joyous songs and cheers.  We had a great time, and the kids loved the excitement of the singing, clapping, dancing, and the action of the game itself.

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